Kyprianos of Cyprus

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Archbishop Kyprianos of Cyprus (d. 1821) was the primate of Cyprus from 1810 to his death in 1821.


Abp. Kyprianos was born at Strovolos, a suburb of Nicosia. While still a child he entered the Machairas Monastery where he received his first education. In 1783 while travelling in Wallachia, he became a protégé of Prince Michael Soutsos (a scion of the great Phanariote family of Soutsos, Grand Dragoman, and Hospodar of Moldavia) and succeeded in completing his studies in the Greek schools flourishing there. In 1802 he returned to his monastery and a short time later was engaged as an oikonomos (cf. Clergy awards) of the Archbishopric. In 1810 he was elected Archbishop of Cyprus and concentrated his efforts on revitalizing the island's education. He was hanged by the Turks on July 9, 1821.


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