Katounakia Fathers (Athos)

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Katounakia is an area on Mount Athos where there are a group of cells, with many ascetics living in proximity. This is a listing of some of the elders and righteous monks who have struggled here.

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The location

Katounakia is a group of cells located between St. Anne's Skete and [[Karoulia (Athos)

The fathers

Elder Ephraim

Elder Ephraim, born in Thessaly, struggled in Katounakia until his repose in 1962. He was known for his humility and asceticism.

Father Benjamin

Devout all his life, Fr Benjamin entered the Holy Mountain. First he went to Elder Callinicos the Hesychast, but was unable to live with him due to having a pre-tuberculosis state. He went to Elder Pachomios, in the hut of Axion Estin (Truly it is Right). Despite his health, he had a vigil nightly and during the day he would be doing his handiwork or reading. He prayed continuously. At the end of his life, a fool for Christ was near Athens, exclaiming, she lamented and lauded his repose.


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