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'''Katounakia''' is an area on [[Mount Athos]] where there are a group of cells, with many ascetics living in proximity.  This is a listing of some of the elders and righteous monks who have struggled here.
==The location==
[[Katounakia (Athos)|Katounakia]] is a group of cells located between [[St. Anne's Skete (Athos)|St. Anne's Skete]] and [[Karoulia (Athos)|Karoulia]]
==The fathers==
===Elder Ephraim===
Elder Ephraim, born in Thessaly, struggled in Katounakia until his repose in 1962.  He was known for his humility and asceticism.
===Father Benjamin===
Devout all his life, Fr Benjamin entered the Holy Mountain.  First he went to Elder Callinicos the Hesychast, but was unable to live with him due to having a pre-tuberculosis state.  He went to Elder Pachomios, in the hut of ''Axion Estin'' (Truly it is Right).  Despite his health, he had a vigil nightly and during the day he would be doing his handiwork or reading.  He prayed continuously.  At the end of his life, a fool for Christ was near Athens and, exclaiming, she lamented and lauded his repose.
==See also==
*[[Little St. Anne's Skete Fathers (Athos)#Elder Peter|Elder Peter]], who lived on the tip of Katounakia in a cell belonging to [[Little St. Anne's Skete (Athos)|Little St. Anne's Skete]].
*[[Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters (Elder Paisios)|Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters]], by Elder [[Paisios (Eznepidis)|Paisios]] the Athonite.

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