Kalinik I of Pec

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His Holines Kalinik or Calinicus I (Калиник I патријарх пећки) was Patriarch of Pec from 1693 to 1710.

He was first patriarch of Pec who was Greek. Kalinik became patriarch in spring 1693, with he;lp of hs cousin Alexandros Maurocordates who was high Turkish oficcial. Kalinik also was first patriarch who was not elected by Synod. That was the reason why almost all serbian hiierarch were refusing to recognised him as Patriarch for many years. Last who recognise him was Metropolitan of Cetinje Danilo Petrović Njegoš. Altough Calinicus Kalinik was phanriot hr remaind in good memory in history of Serbian church. Kalinik granted autonomy to Metropolitanate of Karlovci in Synodical letter from May 18 1710.

As Patriarch Kalinik was very succesfull in struggling with Roman proselytism. Thais was reason of hetriot wich Bosnian franciscans and Roman chatolic Archbishop of Bar felt for him. Patriarch Kalinik suffered a lot from Turks . Patriarch Kalinik died August 16, 1710 in Temišvar.

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Kalinik I of Pec
Preceded by:
Arsenije III
Patriarch of Serbia
Succeeded by:
Atanasije I
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