Just war

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Just war is a belief that warfare can be ethically or theological justifiable. To fully understand the complexity of these issues, it is important to take into consideration the complete teachings of the Church and not resort to exploiting inadequate references. The most crucial issues concerning warfare involve the extremely destructive capabilities of the weaponry in our times that can potentially eliminate any remnants of civilization from the face of the earth (Mantzarides 104). Many sociologists are intrigued with examining the formation and results of wars in order to gain understanding of why war continues to reoccur throughout the world (Mantzarides 104). The Greek philosopher Heracleitus believed war to be the “father of all” (Mantzarides 104). Quite the opposite, the Church teaches that God is the “Father Almighty” (Mantzarides 104). In St. Paul’s epistle to the Romans, God is referred to as a “God of peace” Romans 15:33. The development of a war is a result of a separation from God, which is also a separation from peace and love (Mantzarides 105). Since God is the source of our existence, separation from God leads to chaos and destruction (Mantzarides 105).

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