June 7

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The Holy Trinity

Hieromartyr Theodotus, Bishop of Ankyra; Martyrs Kyriaki, Caleria (Valeria), and Maria, of Caesarea in Palestine; Hieromartyr Marcellinus, Pope of Rome, and those martyred with him: Claudius, Cyrenus, and Antoninus; Hieromartyr Marcellus I, Pope of Rome, and those with him: Deacon Sisinius, Deacon Cyriacus, Smaragdus, Largus, Apronian, Saturninus, Pappias, Maurus, Crescentian, Priscilla, Lucina (Lucy), and princess Artemia; Saint Daniel of Scete in Egypt; Virgin Martyr Potemaiena of Alexandria; Martyr Zenais (Zenaida) of Caesarea in Palestine; holy women Aesia and Susanna, disciples of Saint Pancratius of Taormina (Tavromenia) and martyred with him; Martyr Lycarion of Hermopolis in Egypt; Martyrs Tarasius and John; Saint Stephen the hieromonk; Saint Anthimus the hieromonk; Saint Sebastian the Wonder-worker; Righteous Father Panage (Basia); Venerable Cedd, Bishop of Essex (see also October 26); Saint Conon, Bishop of Dromore; Saint Meriasek, Bishop of Camborne; repose of Anthony Ivanovich, Fool-for-Christ of Valaam