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The Holy Trinity

Saint Bessarion the Wonder-worker of Egypt; Saint Hilarion the New, Abbot of the Dalmatian Monastery; Virgin Martyrs Archelais, Thecla, and Susanna, beheaded at Salerno; Saint Paisius, Abbot of Uglich; Saint Jonah, Abbot of Klimetzk; Saint Jonah, Bishop of Perm; five virgins of Caesarea in Palestine: Martha, Mary, Cyria, Valeria, and Marcia; Saint Attalus the Wonder-worker; Martyr Gelasius; Saint Photius, monk; Venerable Bessarion the New; Saint Gudwal, Abbot of Worcester; Saint Jarlath, Bishop of Tuam; opening of the relics of Saint Barlaam, Abbot of Khutyn (Novgorod)