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{{June 21}}
{{June 21}}
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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Martyr Julian of Tarsus in Cilicia; Hieromartyr Terence (Tertius), Bishop of Iconium; Saint Julius, presbyter of Novara, and his brother Saint Julian the deacon; New-Martyr Nicetas of Nisyros near Rhodes; Martyrs Archil II and Luarsab II, kings of Georgia; Martyr Aphrodisius in Cilicia; Martyr Julian of Libya; Venerable Anastasia of Serbia, mother of Saint Sabbas of Serbia (see January 12); Saint Mewan, Abbot of Saint Meen; Saint Leofrid, Abbot of La-Croix-Saint-Leufroy; Hieromartyr Anthony, Anastasius who was raised from the dead, Celsius and his mother Vasilissa, 20 prison guards and 7 brothers, martyred with Saint Julian; finding the relics of the Venerable Maximus the Greek