June 12

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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Saint Onuphrius the Great; Venerable Peter of Mount Athos; Saint Arsenius, Abbot of Konevits; Saints John, Andrew, Heraclemon, and Theophilus, hermits of Egypt (see also December 2); Saint John the Soldier of Egypt; Saint Onuphrius, Abbot of Malsk (Pskov); Saints Onuphrius and Auxentius, monks of Vologda; Saint Stephen of Komel, Abbot of Ozersk Monastery (Vologda); New-Martyr Bishop Onuphrius and his co-sufferers Hieromartyrs Anthony, Barsanuphius, and Joseph; Saint Julian of Dagaz; Saint Zeno, monk; Saints Bassian and Jonah of Pertomsk, Solovki; Saint Tornike of Mount Athos; Saint Tryphyllios, Bishop of Leucosia in Cyprus; Martyrs Basilides, Quirinos, Nabor, and Nazarios, of Rome; Saint Olduf, Hieromonk of Utrecht; Hieromartyr Eskil, Bishop of Strangnas, Sweden; finding of the relics of the Blessed Princess Anna of Kashin; second glorification of Princess Anna of Kashin