June 1

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St. Justin Martyr the Philosopher
New Hieromartyr Onuphrius (Gagalyuk) of Kharkov

Martyr Justin the Philosopher (Justin Martyr) at Rome (166); Martyrs Chariton, Charita, Euelpistus, Hierax, Peonus, Valerian (Liberianus), and Justus, with Justin Martyr (166); Martyr Neon, by beheading; Saint Pyrrus, Bishop, reposed in peace; Hieromartyr Phyrrhus the Virgin; Martyr Thespesius of Cappadocia (222); Martyrs Ischyrion, a military officer, and five other soldiers, in Egypt (250); Martyr Gerasimos; The holy Ten thousand Martyrs, in Antiochia (249-251); Martyr Firmus, under the eparch Magus (299); St. Metrius the Farmer of Myra in Lycia (912); Martyrs Felinus and Gratinianus (250); Hieromartyrs Reverianus (Bishop) and Paul (priest), with ten others, at Autun (272); Martyr Crescentian, in Saldo near Città di Castello in Italy (287); Martyr Juventius, in Rome; Martyr Proclus, at Bologna (304); Martyr Secundus, at Amelia in Umbria, when thrown into the Tiber (304); Martyr Clarus of Acquitaine, a Bishop believed to have been sent to evangelize Aquitaine, France; Saint Fortunatus of Spoleto the Wonderworker (400); Saint Caprasius of Lérins, Abbot (430); Saint Ronan of Locronan (Ronan of Cornwall), early bishop of Cornish origin who preached in Cornwall and Brittany (6th c.); Saint Wite, a female Dorset saint martyred by the Danes, buried at Whitchurch Canonicorum (ca.831); Saint Wigstan (Wystan, Wistan, Winston), of the royal house of Mercia in England (849); Saint Gaudentius of Ossero, Bishop of Ossero in Istria (1044); Saint Atto, a monk at Oña in Spain with St. Enneco, who later became Bishop of Oca-Valpuesta (ca.1044); Saint Agapetus of the Kiev Caves, Unmercenary physician of the Kiev Near Caves (1095); Saint Dionysius of Glushetsk in Vologda, Abbot, Wonderworker (1437); Martyr Shio the New (Shio of Akhakalakhi) in Georgia (1696); Synaxis of the Holy Martyrs of Georgia (Holy Fathers martyred by the Dagestanians): David, Gabriel, and Paul of the St. David Gareji Monastery (1696-1700); New Hieromartyr Onuphrius (Gagalyuk), Bishop of Kharkov (1938); New Hieromartyr Basil, priest (1940); Virgin-martyr Vera (1940); Saint Justin Popovic, Archimandrite of Ćelije Monastery in Serbia (1979); Other Commemorations: Commemoration of the deliverance of the island of Lefkada from the plague through the intercession of Saint Bessarion (†1540), Archbishop of Larissa (ca. 1743); Repose of Elder Philaret of Kapsala, Mt. Athos (1975); Glorification (1990) of Righteous John of Kronstadt (1908).