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St. Paraskevi

Hieromartyr Hermolaus and Martyrs Hermippus and Hermocrates at Nicomedia; Martyr Paraskevi of Rome; Saint Moses the Hungarian, of the Kiev Caves; Virgin Martyr Oriozela of Reuma, disciple of Saint Andrew; Saint Ignatius, monk of Mount Stirion; Martyr Appion; Virgin Martyr Jerusalem of Byzantium; Saint Gerontius, founder of the Skete of St. Anne on Mount Athos; Saint Sava III, Archbishop of Serbia; Saint Prisca the Righteous Martyr; Saint Jacob Netsvetov, Enlightener of Alaska; "Emvolon" Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos in Constantinople. Other events: repose of Elder Theophanes of Solovki, disciple of Saint Paisius Velchkovsky