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{{July 21}}
{{July 21}}
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Our Holy Lady Theotokos

Saint Symeon of Emesa, Fool-for-Christ, and his fellow faster Saint John; Prophet Ezekiel; Saint Onuphrius the Silent of the Kiev Caves; Saint Onesimus, recluse of the Kiev Caves; Martyr Victor of Marseilles; Saint Anna, mother of Saint Sava the Serbian; Martyrs Theophilus, Justus, Trophimus, Mathias, Eugene, Theodore, and George; three martyrs of Melitene; Martyr Acacius of Constantinople; Saint Eleutherius of Dry Hill; Saint Parthenius of Radovizlios, Bishop; Martyr Salome of Georgia; Martyr Ilia Chavchavadze of Georgia (see also July 19); Saint Hilarion of Tvali; Saint Paxedes, virgin of Rome; Armatia Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos; opening of the relics of Saint Anna of Kashin