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{{July 10}}
{{July 10}}
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Synaxis of all Saints of Pskov

Hieromartyr Joseph of Damascus; Synaxis of all Saints of Pskov; Icon of the Mother of God of Konev; Holy 45 Martyrs at Nicopolis in Armenia; Martyrs Leontius, Mauricius, Daniel, Anthony, Alexander, Sisinius, Meneus, and Belerad (Verelad) at Nicopolis in Armenia; the Placing of the Honorable Robe of the Lord at Moscow; Venerable Anthony of the Kiev Far Caves, Founder of Monasticism in Russia; Venerable Silvanus the Schemamonk of the Kiev Far Caves; Martyr Apollonius of Sardis; Martyr Bianor of Pisidia; Martyr Silvanus of Pisidia; 10,000 Martyred Fathers of the Deserts and Caves of Scete by the Impious Patriarch Theophilus of Alexandria; Martyr Nicodemus of Elbassan Albania; Monkmartyr Nectarius of St Anne Skete on Mount Athos; Saint Basil, Bishop of Ryazan (see also April 12, May 21, June 5, July 3); Saint Gregory, Bishop of Assa (see also March 4); Martyr Canute, King of Denmark