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Holy and Wonderworking Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian, brothers, Martyrs at Rome (284); Holy 2000 Martyrs, by the sword; Holy 25 Martyrs in Nicomedia, by fire; Saint Maurice; Venerable Peter the Patrician (Peter of Constantinople), monk (854); Venerable Basil, founder of the Monastery of the Deep Stream, Cappadocia (10th c.) Saint Leo the Hermit, Ascetic; Saint Martin of Vienne, third Bishop of Vienne in France (ca.132); Martyr Potitus at Naples (161); Martyrs Julius and Aaron, Protomartyrs of Wales, suffered in Caerleon-on-Usk under Diocletian (304); Saints Castus and Secundinus, much venerated in the south of Italy (305); Saint Domitian, founder of Monastery of Bebron (ca.337-440); Saint Theodoric (Thierry, Theodericus), Abbot of Mont d'Or near Rheims, priest and disciple of the blessed Bp. Remigius (ca.533); Saint Carilefus (Calais), a companion of St Avitus, founded the monastery of Anisole in Maine in France (ca.536); Saint Gal I (Gallus of Clermont), uncle and teacher of St Gregory of Tours (ca.553); Saint Leonorius (Léonor, Lunaire) (ca. 570); Saint Eparchius (Cybar), a noble from Périgord in France, renounced his title to become a monk at Sessac in Gaul (581); Saint Serf (Servanus), Bishop of Kinross, the Apostle of West Fife in Scotland (ca.583); Saint Veep ((Veepus, Veepy, Wimp, Wennapa), patron saint of St Veep in Cornwall (6th c.); Saint Cewydd, a saint of Anglesey in Wales and at Lancaut in Gloucestershire in England (6th c.); Saint Juthware, sister of St. Sidwell, she was of British descent and lived in Devon in England (7th c.); Martyr Constantine of Cyprus (Constantine of Allemagne), Wonderworker, and those with him (late 12th c.); Saint Leontius of Rădăuți, Bishop of Rădăuți in Moldavia (1432); Saint Angelina of Serbia, Despotina (16th c.) (see also December 10); Venerable Nicodemus of Svyatogorsk (Nikodim Svyatogorets), (1809) (see July 14); New Hieromartyr Arcadius, priest (1918); New Hieromartyr Alexis, deacon (1942); Other Commemorations: Second translation of the relics of Venerable John of Rila (946), from Trnovo to Rila (1470).