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This article discusses specific journeys to the Orthodox faith from various spiritual backgrounds. The individuals most likely were heterodox Christians who became Orthodox catechumens and converted to the Orthodox faith.

Journeys (conversion) to Orthodoxy from...



Assembly of God


Christian Church / Church of Christ / Disciples of Christ

Evangelical - General

Evangelical - Reformed


Plymouth Brethren

United Methodist

Roman Catholicism

Collections of Conversion Stories

  • Journey to Orthodoxy Website, a website dedicated to those on the Journey to the Orthodox Christian Faith, publishing conversion stories and account, mission news, and information for inquirers.
  • Journey to Orthodoxy, a collection of articles from Orthodox America
  • Various Convert Testimonies from the parish Web site of St. Herman of Alaska OCA)
  • Journey a list of links from Silouan Thompson of other journeys to Orthodoxy
  • Journeys to Orthodoxy weekly podcast on Orthodox Christian Network provided by Icon New Media. Each week, a different convert to Orthodoxy discusses the reasons for embracing the Orthodox Church. Subscription for the podcast also available.

Published works

Conversion stories

Orthodox and other forms of Christianity

  • Bouyer, Louis. History of Christian Spirituality: Orthodox Spirituality and Protestant and Anglican Spirituality. (ISBN 0816423741)
  • Kimbrough, S. T., ed. Orthodox and Wesleyan Spirituality. (ISBN 088141235X)
  • Carlton, Clark. The Way: What Every Protestant Should Know About the Orthodox Church (Faith Catechism Series). (ISBN 0964914123)
  • Carlton, Clark. The Truth: What Every Roman Catholic Should Know About the Orthodox Church (Faith Catechism Series). (ISBN 0964914182)

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