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'''Journeys (conversion) to Orthodoxy from...'''
==Journeys (conversion) to Orthodoxy from...==
=== Protestantism ===
=== Protestantism ===
==== [[Anglican Communion|Anglican]] ====
==== [[Anglican Communion|Anglican]] ====

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Journeys (conversion) to Orthodoxy from...




Christian Church / Church of Christ / Disciples of Christ

Evangelical - General

Evangelical - Reformed


Plymouth Brethren

United Methodist

Roman Catholicism

Collections of Conversion Stories


  • Anglican-Orthodox Pilgrimage by Franklin Billerbeck (ISBN 0962271357)
  • Becoming Orthodox by Fr. Peter Gillquist (ISBN 0962271330)
  • Journey of Fear and Joy by Oswin Craton (ISBN 1418444162)
  • Journeys to Orthodoxy - A Collection of Essays by Converts to Orthodox Christianity ed. by Thomas Doulis (ISBN 0937032425)
  • Toward the Authentic Church: Orthodox Christians Discuss Their Conversion ed. by Thomas Doulis (ISBN 1880971100)
  • Thirsting for God: In a Land of Shallow Wells by Matthew Gallatin (ISBN 1888212284)

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