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*[[Wikipedia: Patriarch Joseph]]
*[[Wikipedia: Patriarch Joseph]]
*[[http://encyclopedia.jrank.org/NEW_NUM/NIKON_NIKITA_MININ_1605_1681_.html  Nikon(Nikita Minin)]]
*[http://encyclopedia.jrank.org/NEW_NUM/NIKON_NIKITA_MININ_1605_1681_.html  Nikon(Nikita Minin)]
[[Category: Bishops]]
[[Category: Bishops]]
[[Category: Patriarchs of Moscow]]
[[Category: Patriarchs of Moscow]]

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Joseph of Moscow was the sixth Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Joseph, as had his predecessor Joasaphus, did not involve himself in state politics as had their predecessor, Patr. Philaret.[1]


Joseph’s early life is not known. Prior to his election to Patriarchal see, he was a monastic with the rank of archimandrite at the Simonov Monastery in Moscow. His election occurred after a rather long vacant period for the patriarchate of one and a half years. Joseph’s election (selection), on March 20, 1642, was from a list of candidates drawn up by Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich and the Synod of Bishops through a form of selection by lot.

During Joseph’s patriarchate, church theologians were charged by him with revising the church service books. Later, comparative studies between the liturgical practices in the Russian Church and Greek Churches of the eastern Mediterranean area were made that resulted, under the policies of Joseph’s successor, Patr. Nikon, in a schism in the Russian Church.



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