José (Cortés y Olmos) of Mexico City

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His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop Jose (Cortes y Olmos) of Mexico City was first Bishop of Mexico City of the new Orthodox Exarchate of Mexico. Bp. Jose had been bishop of the Mexican National Catholic Church, a Mexican reactionary movement away from the colonialist Spanish Roman Catholic Church. He led his church to Orthodox Christianity, petitioning the Orthodox Church in America in 1971 for acceptance. After he and his clergy were accepted as Orthodox priests, he was consecrated Bishop of Mexico City in 1972 to lead his community as an exarchate of the Orthodox Church in America.

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The future Bishop Jose was born in Santa Teresa, Guana Juato, Mexico on August 5, 1923 into a devout Roman Catholic family. His father was Juan Jose Cortes and his mother Maria del Refugio Olmos. He began his education in the Santa Teresa Federal School before entering a Jesuit middle school and then a Jesuit seminary. He continued his higher theological education in Barcelona, Spain and in Rome, Italy receiving a Doctorate in Canon Law. After completing his education he moved to Havana, Cuba where he taught at the Jesuit College of Belen. He also was a leader in Cuba in the “Catholic Youth Action