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John V of Jerusalem

John V of Jerusalem was the patriarch of Jerusalem from 706 to 735, during the iconoclastic struggles under the Eastern Roman emperor Leo III the Isaurian as well as the time of persecution in Palestine and Syria under Muslim rulers.

John, who was a monk, succeeded Patr. Anastasius II as patriarch of Jerusalem in 706. He was a friend of John of Damascus and ordained him to the priesthood shortly after John Damascene entered the monastery to become a monk. Patr. John also supported John in his efforts against emperor Leo and the iconoclasts, including writing a number of tracts against iconoclasm.

During his patriarchate, John had to contend with the fanatical Muslim ruler of Palestine, Caliph Omar II. On coming into power in 717, Omar began a reign of persecutions against the Christians that also changed the character of Palestine from Christian to Muslim. In addition to forbidding Christians to make wine and forcing them to convert to Islam, many Christians suffered martyrdom.

John V reposed in 735 and was succeeded by a John VI, although some scholars believe the John V and John VI were the same person.

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John V of Jerusalem
Preceded by:
Anastasius II
Patriarch of Jerusalem
Succeeded by:
John VI
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