John Naukliros

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The Holy New Martyr John Naukliros ("the Shipmaster") (Greek: Ιωάννης ο Ναύκληρος ) suffered a psychological sickness. One time, when he was found in an unconscious state, the Turks made over him the rite of conversion to their religion. Coming to his senses, the saint angrily threw from his head the symbol of Islam -- the turban. He bitterly bewailed the indignity that had occurred and continued to live as a Christian. The Turks then threw the martyr into prison. Neither lecturings, nor beatings, nor threats could bend the will of the saint, and he repeatedly replied: "I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I refuse your faith". After many torments they burnt the martyr alive on the island of Kôs on April 8 1669.

A service to the new martyr John Naukliros was composed by the late great contemporary hymnographer Monk Gerasimos Mikragiannanitis (1905-1991), who has been honoured by the Ecumenical Patriachate with the title of «Hymnographer of the Great Church of Christ».


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