John I of Jerusalem

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John I of Jerusalem was the seventh Bishop of Jerusalem during the period which, according to Eusebius, there were thirteen bishops of Jerusalem, all Jewish Christians. The chronology of the episcopates of these early bishops is uncertain.


John was born to Jewish parents, who kept the Law of the Torah. Well taught by his parents in the Law of Moses, he disputed with Christians until he became convinced of the coming of the Lord Jesus, and that He was the true God. Expressing his belief in Christ to St. Justus at the time Justus was bishop of Jerusalem, John was baptized and ordained a deacon by him.

After the repose of Bp. Justus, John came to be called upon to be bishop of Jerusalem. He was confronted with many tribulations and sorrows during his episcopate before his repose, on April 11, after two years in office.

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John I of Jerusalem

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