John III of Jerusalem

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John III of Jerusalem was the Patriarch of Jerusalem from 516 to 524. A Monophysite, he became Orthodox after becoming Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Prior to his appointment to the see of Jerusalem, John was the Bishop of Sebaste and was a partisan of the non-Chalcedonians. John was appointed patriarch of Jerusalem by emperor Anastasius I after banishing Patr. Elias for supporting Patr. Flavian II of Antioch. After his enthronement in Jerusalem John became Orthodox. [1]

John III accepted the decrees of the Synod of Constantinople held on July 20, 518 that pronounced anathema on Severus of Antioch. Patr. John then convened a synod at Jerusalem that paralleled the examples of Constantinople. Attending the synod was archimandrite St. Sabbas of the lavras of Palestine, a strong Chalcedonian.


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