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The name 'John' masc. proper name, c.1160, from Gk. Ioannes, from Heb. Yohanan (in full y'hohanan) lit. "Jehovah has favored," from hanan "he was gracious." [1] As the name of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, it is one of the most common Christian given names.

There are approximately 130 saints with this name, or a common variant. Listed in Orthodox Wiki we have:


February 24 - First and Second discoveries of the head.
May 25 - Third Finding of the Head of St. John the Forerunner
June 24 - The Birth of St. John.
July 23 - Synaxis of the Baptist, Gr. Σύναξις.
August 29 - The Beheading of St. John, Gr. Απότομη Τιμ. Κεφαλής.
September 23 - The Conception, Gr. Σύλληψις.
October 12 - (Russian), transfer of hand to Gatchina




  • St. John the "Koulikas", Gr. ο Κουλικάς, New-Martyr (April 8);
  • St. John the "Nafkliros", Gr. Ναύκληρος (April 8);
  • St. John the Virgin-Martyr (April 12);
  • St. John of Vilna (April 14), Russian
  • St. John the Martyr (April 14);
  • St. John of Ioannina, New-Martyr (April 18);
  • St. John the Old-Lavritis, Gr. ο Παλαιολαυρίτης (April 20);
  • St. John of Serbia (April 26);
  • St. John the Confessor, Gr. ο Ομολογητής (April 27);
  • St. John, Metropolitan of Thebes, Gr. Θηβών (April 29)


February 15 - Synaxis.
July 10 - Synaxis.
September 26 - Repose, Gr. Μετάστασις.



  • St. John the Russian Fool-for-Christ (July 3);
  • St. John, Metropolitan of Chalcedon (July 18);
  • St. John of Kiev, the long suffering (Russian) (July 18);
  • St. John (July 21);
  • St. John the Martyr (July 29);
  • St. John the Soldier (July 29)


  • St. John, Bishop of Ephesus (August 3);
  • St. John, Bishop of Ephesus, the New (August 3);
  • St. John the Confessor, Gr. ο Ομολογητής (August 3);
  • St. John the Martyr (August 9);
  • St. John, Patriarch of Constantinople (August 18);
  • St. John the Karpathios, Gr. ο Καρπάθιος (August 25);
  • St. John, Archbishop of Constantinople (August 25);
  • St. John the Martyr (August 26);
  • St. John, Patriarch of Constantinople (August 30)




September 14
January 27 - Relics.
January 30 - Celebration of the Three Hierarchs



  • St. John Climacus (fourth Sunday of Great Lent), author of "the Ladder" or "Climacus"


  • St. John of Athens, (4th ... Gr. 4η Διακαινησίμου)
  • St. John the Virgin Martyr, (4th ... Gr. 4η Διακαινησίμου) and January 14)
  • St. John the Kilikianos, Gr. ο Κιλικιανός (4th ... Gr. 4η Διακαινησίμου)
  • St. John the Sabbaitis, Gr. ο Σαββαΐτης (4th ... Gr. 4η Διακαινησίμου)

No commemoration

  • St. John De Montfort, no commemoration.


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