John (Bodnarchuk) of Zhytomyr

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Bishop John (Bodnachuk) (1929–1994) was an excommunicated hierarch of the Church of Russia who joined an schismatic branch of the Church of Ukraine, declaring himself Primate of Ukraine in 1990. He was the brother of Metropolitan Basil (Bondarchuk). Please note the cleanup warning above before reading the rest of the article.


Born in the village of Ivane-Puste now Borshchiv district, Ternopil region of western Ukraine, which was then in Poland, he was the son of the cantor regent of the Church (proto-psaltis). After graduating from high school was a psalm-reader in the church St. John the Theologian in his village, then regent and psalm-reader in the church of Saint. Paraskevi, Kolomiyskogo district of Ivano-Frankivsk region.

In 1949 he was arrested and received 20 years hard labor in Steplahe in the copper mines of Karaganda. Released in 1953 on amnesty. According to other sources: in 1949, deported with his family to Kazakhstan, where he lived until 1953 year.

In 1956 he entered the Leningrad Theological Seminary. Jan. 25 1958, in the second grade seminary ordained to the rank of deacon by Bishop Roman of Ivanovovsky. In 1960 he graduated from the Leningrad Theological Seminary and entered the Saint Petersburg Theological Academy. 21 May 1961, at the freshman academy Metropolitan Pimen of Leningrad and Ladoga ordained him as priest at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Leningrad. In the period of study in the seminary and academy managed and supervised concerts of the “academic spiritual choir”. In 1964 he graduated from the LDA degree of Candidate of Theology and sent to the pastoral ministry in the Diocese of Lviv-Ternopil.

He served in the village Stryyivka Zbarazh district, Ternopil region, and on 12 April 1968 in the temple town Truskavec Drogobytskyy district, Lviv region, where he served for 10 years. 11 October 1977 , at Laurel Pochaevskoy tonsured a monk. October 14 of that year, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia Filaret (Denysenko) in the Prokrov monastery elevated Fathe Ioan to the rank of Archimandrite. 23 October 1977, in the Vladimir Cathedral of Kyiv Zhytomyr ordained bishop of Ovruchsky. The consecration was held by: Metropolitan of Lviv and Ternopil Nicholas (Yura), Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea Leonti (Hudymov), Bishop Mukachevo and Uzhgorod Sawa (Babynets), Bishop of Kirovograd and Nicholas Sebastian (Pylypczuk).

16 October 1989, Bishop Ioan Bodnarchuk comes out from the authority of the Russian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate and 22 October 1989, he joins with the UAOC and became its first Primate.

FIRST HOLY SINOD OF Ukranian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukraine

FIRST HIERARCH: His Beatitude Ioah of Lviv and Galicia

  • 31 March 1990 Basil (Bodnarchuk) - brother
  • 7 April 1990 Andrew (Abramchuk)
  • 28 April 1990 Daniel (Kovalchuk)
  • 29 April 1990 Volodymyr (Romaniuk)
  • 22 May 1990 Roman (Balaschuk)

Served presiding role in the Local Council in June 1990, apply for legal status of national church. The Holy Synod of UAOC was in full communion with the Autonomous Metropolia of Milan and Western Europe (Holy Synod of Milan). From June 1990 Metropolitan of Lviv and Galician, Locum Tenens of the Patriarchal Throne of Kiev. 18 November 1990, the First Patriarch Mstislav (Skrypnyk) UAOC, was enthroned in St. Sophia Cathedral, which during the Divine Liturgy Metropolitan Ioan Ioann (Bodnarchuk) put patriarchal Kukol.

29 February 1992 Ioann (Bodnarchuk) forbidden in worship Dimitrios Yarema, who incited to rebellion Lviv brotherhood and clergy. 29 April 1992 in Kiev the Synod UAOC led by the patriarch Mstyslav, who through slander about. Dimitrios(Yarema) decided to exclude Metropolitan Ioann (Bodnarchuk) from the bishopric of Ukranian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukraine. This decision was fatal to the future of Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Metropolitan because Ioan was charismatic leader and had great respect among the clergy Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

Metropolitan Ioan filed a petition for the return of the Moscow Patriarchate. However, soon abandoned his intentions and moved to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kyiv Patriarchate (UOC-KP) and was appointed Metropolitan Drogobychskim and Samborskii, and then Lutsk and Volyn. He was an obvious candidate for the patriarchal throne but in 9 November 1994, he died in an accident. He was buried near the church of Sv. Ioan Theologian at home in the village of Ivan-blank Borschevskogo district, Ternopil region.

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John (Bodnarchuk) of Zhytomyr
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