Joasaph I of Constantinople

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Joasaph I of Constantinople, also Joasaph I Kokkas, was Patriarch of Constantinople from 1464 to 1466, during a period of great difficulty following the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks. Little is known of Joasaph's life before he became patriarch. He experienced much difficulty in his relations with the Sultan through the intermediator Georgios Amirountzis who in 1466 moved for Joasaph's deposition from the patriarchal throne because he would not bless the marriage of a Christian women to a muslim courtier.

In dismissing Joasaph, Sultan Mohammed II spat in Joasaph's face and with his sword cut Joasaph's beard.

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Joasaph I of Constantinople
Preceded by:
Gennadius II Scholarius
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Marcus II Xylokaraves
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