Joasaph II of Constantinople

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Joasaph II of Constantinople was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 1556 to 1565. He rebuffed feelers for intercommunion from the Lutherans.

Patr. Joasaph is credited with establishing, in 1556, the Patriarchal School in Constantinople, with the assistance of Ioannis, Zygomalas[1] [2] that became the Great School of the Nation in the Phanar district of Constantinople (Istanbul).

In 1559, Patr. Joasaph received correspondence forwarding a translated copy of the Lutheran "Confession of Augsburg" as a opening to a dialog with the Orthodox Church. However, Joasaph and the Holy Synod found the doctrine heretical and never responded.

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Joasaph II of Constantinople
Preceded by:
Dionyius II
Patriarch of Constantinople
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Metrophanes III
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