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His All-Holiness Joannicus I of Constantinople, Greek: Ἰωαννίκιος Α, was Patriarch of Constantinople for a year in 1524 and 1525 during the patriarchate of Patriarch Jeremias I. His election was by a rump council.


Little is known of the life of Joannicus including his place and date of birth. He was the Metropolitan of Sozopolis who uncanonically gained the patriarchate of Constantinople during a period in 1524 when Patr. Jeremias I was on a journey visiting Cyprus, Egypt, Sinai, and Palestine. Joannicus was elected by a group of clergy and laity who, dissatisfied by his long long absence, deposed Jeremias.

Joannicus was quickly excommunicated by a synod in Jerusalem called by Patr. Jeremias that included the Patriarchs of Alexandria and Antioch. Upon Patr. Jeremias' return from Jerusalem, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificant ordered him to be re-installed as patriarch. This took place in Constantinople on September 24, 1525.

Joannicus fled Constantinople to the monastery of the Forerunner in the area of Sozopolis, in today's Bulgaria, where he died about 1526.

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Joannicus I of Constantinople
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Metropolitan of Sozopolis
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Jeremias I
Patriarch of Constantinople
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Jeremias I
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