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Joanna the Myrrh-Bearer, the wife of Chouza, the steward-administrator of King Herod Antipas is listed in Luke 8:3 as one of the women who followed Christ from Galilee and supported the disciples, along with Susanna, Mary Magdalene, and others. In Luke 23:55-24:11, we have the story of how these same women went to the tomb to finish the job of embalming Jesus' body, which was hastily begun by Joseph and Nicodemus. They were perplexed when they found the tomb empty except for the grave clothes. The angel appeared unto them and proclaimed the Resurrection. They believed and became the first evangelists of the Risen Christ! The Church celebrates her feast day on June 27.


Kontakion (Tone 4)

When thou didst speak to the myrrh-bearing women with joy,
thou didst end the wailing of Eve the first mother, by thy Resurrection,
commanding thy disciples to proclaim that the Savior is risen from the tomb.