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Eustathius or Jevstatije II (Serbian: Jevstatije II) was the Archbishop of Serbs (1292-1309). He is venerated as a saint, Saint Jevstatije II.

In the times of his two predecessors, Serbia expanded significantly in territory. In 1282, Skoplje, Polog, Ovče Polje, Zletovo, Pijenac, Kičevo and Debar is conquered. In the north Braničevo and Vidin was taken by 1290. New eparchies were established: Gračanička, Končanska, Limska, Mačvanska, Braničevska, Beogradska and Skopska.

The Serbian Orthodox Church venerate him on August 16 (August 29, Gregorian calendar)

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Jevstatije II of Peć
Preceded by:
St. Jakov I
Archbishop of Serbia
Succeeded by:
St. Sava III
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