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Martyr Tryphaena of Cyzicus (1st century); Martyrs Victorinus, Victor, Nicephorus, Claudius, Diodorus, Serapion, and Papias, at Corinth (251 or 258); Holy Wonderworkers and Unmercenaries Cyrus and John, and Martyrs Athanasia and her daughters Theoctista, Theodota, and Eudoxia, at Canopus in Egypt (311); Martyrs Saturninus, Thyrsus and Victor, at Alexandria; Martyrs Tharsicius, Zoticus, Cyriacus, and their companions, at Alexandaria; Saint Julius of Aegina (Julius of Novara), missionary priest to northern Italy (401); Saint Athanasius, Bishop of Methone (c. 880) Saint Geminian of Modena, Deacon and later successor of the Bishop of Modena (348); Saint Marcella of Rome (410); Saint Madoes (Madianus), a saint who has left his name to a place in the Carse of Gowrie in Scotland; Saint Áedan (Maedoc), first Bishop of Ferns in Co. Wexford in Ireland, where he also founded and became abbot of a monastery (626); Saint Adamnan, born in Ireland, he became a monk at Coldingham, now in Scotland (681); Saint Wilgils, father of St Willibrord, hermit (c. 700); Saint Bobinus, monk at Moutier-la-Celle, later became Bishop of Troyes (c. 766); Saint Ulphia (Wulfia, Olfe, Wulfe), hermitess near Amiens in France (8th century); Saint Eusebius, monk at St Gall in Switzerland and later lived as a hermit on Mt St Victor in the Vorarlberg (884); Saint John Angelus, monk at Pomposa (c. 1050); Venerable Nikita, recluse of the Kiev Caves, Bishop of Novgorod (1108); Venerable Pachomius, abbot of Keno Lake Monastery (1525) (see also May 15); New Monk-martyr Elias (Ardunis) of Mt. Athos and Kalamata (1686); Saint Arsenius the New, of Paros (1877); Schema-hieromonk Nazary (Koniukhov) of the Kiev Caves (1975); Other Commemorations: Synaxis of the Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos Koroniotissa or Dakryrroousis, at Lixouri, Cephalonia (1867); Repose of Eugene Poselyanin (Pogozhev), spiritual writer (1931); Repose of Elder Codratus (Condratus) of Karakalou monastery, Mt. Athos (1940); Repose of Hieroschemamonk Stephen (Ignatenko) of Kislovodsk (1973).