January 3

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The Baptism of Christ
Ss. Geneviève and Simeon the Stylite at her tomb in Paris

Forefeast of the Theophany of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; Holy Prophet Malachi (ca.400 BC); Martyr Peter, in Avlona of Samaria, Palestine (311); Martyr Gordius, at Caesarea in Cappadocia, centurion, by the sword (ca.314); Venerable Meliton of Beirut (537); Venerable Peter of Atroa (Peter the Standard-Bearer), opponent of iconoclasm (837) (see also January 1 - West); Venerable Acacius the Wonderworker, of Mount Latros (Latmos), at the Megisti Lavra of the Theotokos of Myrsinon (ca.10th c.); Righteous Thomais of Lesbos (10th c.); Hieromartyr Daniel of Padua, a Deacon who helped St Prosdocimus, the first Bishop of Padua in Italy (168); Saint Anterus, Pope of Rome (236) (see also August 5 - East); Hieromartyr Florentius of Vienne, a martyred Bishop of Vienne in France (3rd c.); Venerable Genevieve of Paris (502); Saint Blitmund, a monk at Bobbio Abbey in Italy (ca.660); Saint Bertilia of Mareuil, anchoress (ca.687); Saint Fintan of Doon, a disciple of St Comgall at Bangor in Ireland, patron-saint of Doon in Limerick (6th c.); Saint Finlugh of Derry (Finlag), a brother of St Fintan of Doon, became abbot of a monastery in County Londonderry (6th c.); Saint Findlugan of Islay (Finlaggan, Fionn Lugain) (7th c.); Saint Wenog, an early saint in Wales; Venerable Schema-Hierodeacon Elder Panteleimon, founder of Kostychev Convent (1884); Righteous Euthymius (Takaishvili) the Man of God, of Tbilisi (1953);