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Venerable Castinus of Byzantium, Bishop of Byzantium (240); Martyr Medula and her entourage; Venerable Apollo of the Thebaid, ascetic and wonderworker, reposed in peace (ca. 361-363); Saint Bretanion (Vetranion), Bishop of Tomis in Moesia, Confessor (ca. 380); Venerable Publius of Syria, ascetic of Euphratensis in Syria (380); Venerable Theodotos, Igumen of the "Monastery of St. Publius"; Saint Gregory the Theologian, Archbishop of Constantinople (390); Venerable Mares the Singer, of Omeros near Cyrrhus (430); Venerable Demetrius the Skevophylax ("Keeper of the Sacred Vessels") of Constantinople (8th century); Martyrs Felicitas of Rome and seven sons (c. 164): Januarius, Felix, Philip, Silvanus, Alexander, Vitalis, and Martial (see also November 23 in the West); Saint Artemas, a child martyr in Pozzuoli (Puteoli) in Italy; Saint Dwynwen, Virgin of Llandwyn (c. 460); Saint Eochod of Galloway, Apostle of the Picts of Galloway (597); Saint Maurus (584) and Saint Placidus (6th century), early disciples of St Benedict; Saint Sigeberht of East Anglia (Sigebert), the first Christian King of East Anglia in England (634); Saint Racho of Autun (Ragnobert), Bishop of Autun in France (c. 660); Hieromartyr Praejectus (Priest, Prest, Preils, Prix), Bishop of Clermont (676); Saint Amarinus, Abbot of a monastery in the Vosges in France, companion in martyrdom of St Praejectus (St Priest) (676); Saint Thorgyth (Tortgith), nun at the convent of Barking in England with St Ethelburgh (c. 700); Saint Poppo of Stavelot, Abbot of Stavelot-Malmédy in Belgium, renowned for miracles (1048); Saint Moses of Novgorod, Archbishop of Novgorod (1362); Saint Gregory of Golutvin (15th century); Saint Basian, Archbishop of Rostov (1516) (see also March 23); New Martyr Auxentius of Constantinople (1720); Saint Anatole I (Zertsalov) of Optina Monastery, Elder of Optina (1894); Saint Gabriel, Bishop of Imereti (Georgia) (1896); New Hieromartyr Vladimir (Bogoyavlensky), Metropolitan of Kiev, Protomartyr of the Communist yoke in Russia (1918); Venerable New Martyr St. Elizabeth Romanova (Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine (1864–1918)) (1918); Venerable New Martyr Abbess Margaret (Gunaronulo) of Menzelino (1918); New Hieromartyr Peter (Zverev), Archbishop of Voronezh (1929); New Hieromartyr Basil (Zelentsov), Bishop of Priluki (1930); New Martyr Athanasia (Lepeshkin), Abbess of the Smolensk Hodigitria Convent, near Moscow (1931); New Hieromartyr Stephen Grachev, Priest (1938); New Martyr Boris Zavarin (1938); Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia (celebrated on the Sunday nearest to January 25); Other Commemorations: Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Assuage My Sorrow" (1640); Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Unexpected Joy"; Repose of Archpriest Sergius Orlov of Akulovo (1975)