Isaac the Recluse

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Saint Isaac the Recluse was a monk during the early years of the Monastery of the Kiev Caves. He was deluded by a false vision but later recovered. St. Isaac passed away in the 12th century. Commemorated on February 14.


This Saint Father was a wealthy merchant in the city of Toropets of the Pskov province. Having decided to become a monk, he gave away all his possessions to the needy and to the monasteries and came into the cave of Saint Anthony.

Having become a monk, the Saint Isaac loved the harsh life: not only did he put on sackcloth, but also told to buy a goat and take off his skin. Out of this skin still damp and wet, he made his robe and wore it over the sackcloth so that that skin dried on his body. Then Isaac shut himself in a narrow cave and there prayed to God with tears. Only one little prosphora served him as a food, but also that he ate it in every other day. He quenched the thirst with water and only in small quantities. St. Anthony brought and gave food and drink to him through a narrow window of such size that it could accommodate only one hand. In addition, Isaac never went to bed but was sitting up during a short sleep. Thus, he spent seven years in the great feats not going outside of his close cell.


One day in the evening, Isaac began prostrations as usual, singing psalms till midnight. Suddenly the cave was illuminated with the great light, bright like the sun, and Isaac was approached by two demons in the form of beautiful young men. Their faces shone like the sun and they said: "Isaac! We are the Angels, and Christ is coming to you with the heavenly hosts".

When rising, Isaac saw many demons. Their faces shone like the sun. One of them was shining more than others, and the rays were proceeding from his face. Then the demons said to Isaac: "Isaac! That is - Christ. Fall before him and worship him". Failing to understand the devilish tricks and forgetting to make the sign of the Cross, Isaac bowed to the demon as if to the Christ. Immediately, the demons have raised a great cry, saying: "Isaac - you are ours now!"

Offering him a seat, they themselves sat around him. Then one of the demons, imaginary Christ, said: "Take the nozzle, harps, and timbrels and play them and let Isaac dance in front of us". Immediately, the demons began to hit in the nozzles, timbrels and harps. Seizing Isaac, they began to leap and dance with him for a long time. Having tired him and leaving him half dead, the demons disappeared.

The next day in the time when Isaac usually ate his food, St. Anthony went as usual to the window and said: "Bless me, father Isaac". There was no answer on this. Amazed, Anthony thought: "Did Isaac repose by any chance?" Then he sent to the monastery for St. Theodosius and for other brethren. The brethren came and dug the cave and brought Isaac out, thinking he was dead and laid him in front of the cave. But then they noticed that Isaac was still alive.

Then the abbot, the Saint Theodosius, said: "In truth, what happened to him is demonic". Then Isaac was put on the bed and the Saint Anthony himself took care of him. When Saint Anthony left the monastery and went to Chernigov, Saint Theodosius took Isaac, moved him to his cell and took care of him. What is surprising is that within two years, Isaac did eat no bread, no water, no vegetables, and any other food, but still remained alive, lying on his bed mute and deaf.


At the third year, Isaac started to speak. Then he begged to put himself at his feet. Then he learned how to eat and gradually completely recovered.

When Saint Theodosius reposed, Isaac began again the harsh life saying to the tempter: "You deceived me, the Devil, when I was in seclusion in a cave, but now I do not shut myself, but working in the monastery I will try with God's help to win over you". Isaac began to help the cooks and worked for the brethren. In the church, he entered at matins before everyone and stood motionless in his place. When winter came, he stood in the church in very torn shoes despite the bitter cold, so that his feet were often frozen to the rock, but he did not shift one foot to the other until the end of the service. After matins, he was the first who went to the bakery, he was preparing the fire, wood and water before the other monks came.

Once one of the monks, also named Isaac, said laughing at the blessed: "Isaac! There sits a raven, come and catch him". Bowing to the ground, humble monk came and took the raven and brought him to the kitchen to the monks. Everyone was surprised with such thing and monks began to respect him since then. But not wanting glory from people, the blessed Isaac took the foolishness on him and began to insult either abbot or the brethren, the laity, so that many even beat him.

Having become a holy fool, he again moved into the cave of Saint Anthony who had already died. The demons tried to frighten him, but he casted them away making the sign of the Cross. And since then the demons could not cause any harm to Isaac. Since he moved into the cave for the second time, he was fighting against them during three years. After this, he began to have more severe life with greater abstinence.


The time of his death came among these feats. Isaac became sick in his cave and the brethren moved the ailing into the monastery where he reposed 8 days later. Abbot John and all the brethren prepared the body of the Saint and buried him honorably in the cave with other Fathers. So this good soldier of the Christ, first being defeated by the enemy, later himself defeated the Devil and honored to receive the Heavenly Kingdom.


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Living of the Saints by St. Demetrios of Rostov. February 14.