Isaac I of Optina

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Our venerable father Isaac I (Antimonov) of Optina was a schema-archimandrite among the group of monastics of Optina Monastery in the nineteenth century who were known as the Optina Elders. The Elder Isaac is venerated on August 22 and with all the Optina Elders on October 11.

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The future schema-archimandrite Isaac I was born on 1810 and reposed in the Lord on August 22, 1894.


Elder Isaac I of Optina was glorified with all the Elders of Optina by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia in 1990. The feast day for St. Isaac I of Optina is August 22.

The local veneration of the Elders of Optina was authorized by the Patriarchate of Moscow on June 13, 1996. Glorification of the Elders of Optina for universal veneration occurred on August 7, 2000.