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The '''irmos''' is the initial verse of each individual ode in a [[canon]], sung by the choir; from the Greek verb "to tie" or "to link."  The irmos presents a pattern for all of the [[troparion|troparia]] which follow within a given ode.  It also gives its name to the '''irmologic''' forms of [[Byzantine chant]]. 
"The irmos ''links'' (thus the Greek name) the theme of the canon with the theme of the [[Biblical Odes|Biblical Ode]] which corresponds to the ode of the canon&mdash;because originally, the troparia of a [[Canon (hymn)|canon]] were interspersed between the final verses of the Biblical Odes."<ref>F.L. Cross & E.A. Livingstone, eds., ''The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church'', 2nd Ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1989), s.v. "Heirmos," p 630.</ref>
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