Ioan G. Coman

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Ioan G. Coman (November 27th 1902 - March 11th 1987), priest of the Romanian Orthodox Church, professor of theology, classicist, translator.


Ioan G. Coman was born in Dâmboca, in the county of Buzău. He began his studies at the Theological Seminary in Buzău and went on to study Theology (1922-1926) and Greek and Latin Philology (1922-1927) in Bucharest. In the following years (1927-1931) he attends Vertiefungskurse at the Philology and Protestant Theology Faculties in Strasbourg, where he becomes Th.D. (1931) and a license in History of Religions. At the same time also attended courses at eh Faculty of Catholic Theology in Strasbourg and the Protestant Theology Faculties of Montpellier (1928) and Paris (1930-1932). When he returned to Romania he obtained a Ph.D. in Greek language and literature by the Faculty of Philology and Philosophy (1934) and then a Th.D. at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology (1938), both in Bucharest.


Ioan G. Coman published hundreds of works in the fields of patrology, classical philology and culture, history of religions, ecumenism, as well as translation, reviews etc., all of which add up to more than 9000 pages written in Romanian, French, German, published both in his own country and abroad.