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*[[Wikipedia:Hegumen|''Hegumen'' at Wikipedia]]
*[[Wikipedia:Hegumen|''Hegumen'' at Wikipedia]]
*[http://www.orthodoxed.org/article.php?id=40 Holy Orders: Abbot]
*[http://www.orthodoxed.org/article.php?id=40 Holy Orders: Abbot]

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Igumen or hegumen is the title for the head of a monastery, similar to abbot. The head of a convent of nuns is called igumenia or ihumenia (Greek: hegumeni). The term means "the one who is in charge," or "the leader" in Greek. An igumen is not necessarily a member of the clergy.

In the Slavic tradition, the title of Igumen also serves as a title for a priest-monk in between Hieromonk and Archimandrite.

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