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An icon corner in an American home

An icon corner is the family's place of worship, also called the home altar. Its concept of the church of the home is an old Orthodox tradition. It started in the first century when there were no churches and Christians would gather in private homes to worship.

If possible, locate the icon corner on an east wall of the house so that you face east while praying. According to Orthodox belief, Christ, the light of the world, will come again from the East. Choose a relatively private area conducive to prayer but accessible to all of the family. Some people prefer an upstairs halllway; others select the parents' bedroom. The choice is yours.

There are many ways to arrange the icon corner. The items may go into a glass-enclosed cabinet, on open shelves, and/or hung on the walls above a small table.


The perishable items should be eaten, distributed to the birds, or burnt if it is necessary to dispose of them.

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