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The Teaching of the Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church has stood unequivocally against homosexual actions from the very beginning. Both Holy Tradition and Holy Scripture1 condemn the practice. What is more ambiguous, however, is whether homosexuality is a genetic, inborn orientation or a personal choice; there are Orthodox who argue both ways. In either case, any practicing Orthodox Christian cannot at the same time be a practicing homosexual.

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Official Orthodox Statements

Articles from an Orthodox Perspective

Personal Testimonies

Non-Orthodox Sources

Recommended Books

  • Straight & Narrow: Compassion & Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate by Thomas E. Schmidt. InterVarsity Press: 1995. (ISBN 0830818588)
  • Homosexuality: A New Christian Ethic by Elizabeth R. Moberly. James Clarke Company: 1997. (ISBN 0227678508) (Orthodox author)

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