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In Orthodox Tradition, the '''homily''', or sermon, is an essential part of the [[Divine Liturgy|Eucharistic Liturgy]] and takes part in the liturgy's  general [[sacrament]]al character.
Following the proclamation of the Word of God through the words of the Holy [[Gospel]], a liturgical homily is preached.  The homily is typically  given by the ranking celebrant himself, but he may entrust it to a concelebrating [[priest]] or to a [[deacon]], but never to a [[Laity|lay person]]. When a [[bishop]] is serving, the homily is said at the end of the service.
The homily normally proclaims, and explains, the significance of the readings received at the particular liturgy, or sometimes the [[Feast day]], or [[Saint]]'s Day it might be.
Some sermons have become part of the [[Holy Tradition]] of the [[Ecclesiology|Church]] such as the [[Paschal Homily]] of St. [[John Chrysostom]] read  at the end of [[Orthros|Matins]] at [[Pascha]].
==Links to homilies==
*Saint Andrew, Archbishop of Crete
**[http://www.oca.org/FSprint.asp?id=2 Sermon on the Nativity of the Virgin Mary]
*Saint Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessalonica
**[http://www.oca.org/FSprint.asp?id=3 Sermon on the Entry of the Mother of God into the Temple]
**[http://www.oca.org/FSprint.asp?id=7 Sermon on the Transfiguration]
**[http://www.oca.org/FSprint.asp?id=9  Sermon on the Dormition of the Virgin Mary]
*Saint Proklos, Patriarch of Constantinople
**[http://www.oca.org/FSprint.asp?id=6 Sermon on the Annunciation] 
*Saint John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople
**[[Paschal Homily|Paschal Sermon]]
*[http://www.orthodoxsermons.org/ OrthodoxSermons.org (Coptic/Oriental Orthodox)]
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