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These links can be used to expand this article or for sources of information.
These links can be used to expand this article or for sources of information.
=== Holy Order or MANS ===
=== Holy Order of MANS ===
*[http://www.americantemple.org/UnitingAllFaiths/html/UnitingAllFaiths.htm Uniting All Faiths]: A text of the HOOM.
*[http://www.americantemple.org/UnitingAllFaiths/html/UnitingAllFaiths.htm Uniting All Faiths]: A text of the HOOM.

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The Holy Order of MANS (or HOOM) was a religious cult founded by ex-engineer Earl Blighton that started in the 1960s. It was based on another religious idea of Blighton and others called the Science of Man. MANS is an acronym for the greek words:

  • Mysterion
  • Agape
  • Nous
  • Sophia

In 1988, after denouncing the heresy involved with the religious movement, many of its members and hierarchy joined a non-canonical group of the Orthodox Church under the name Christ the Saviour Brotherhood (or CSB). In 2000, members of CSB joined canonical jurisdictions of the Orthodox Church.

Raphael House, a property previously belonging to HOOM was originally an integrated charitable activity of CSB, but was incorporated as its own California nonprofit organization in 1991. It is under the OCA jurisdiction.

A thorough Orthodox explanation of the journey of the Holy Order of MANS and Christ the Saviour Brotherhood can be read in Again, Vol. 23, No. 1, January-March 2001, pp. 23-26

Some of the existing congregations that include former members/clergy of HOOM/CSB include:

Several religious cults still exist today because of the influence of HOOM. In fact, in some ways, HOOM still exists to this day.


  • 1968 - Earl Blighton (aka Father Paul) founds the Holy Order of MANS. He takes the title of Director General.
  • 1974 - Earl Blighton dies.
  • 1978 - Andrew and Isjesian Rossi become co-directors general of HOOM.
  • 1983 - Fr. Herman (Gleb) Podmoshensky and Andrew Rossi of HOOM meet
  • 1984-1988 - Rossi introduces some Orthodox liturgical and spiritual practices to members of HOOM.
  • 1987 - Rossi attends meetings of the Evangelical Orthodox bishops with Metropolitan Philip of the Antiochian Archdiocese
  • 1988 - HOOM members, under the leadership of Andrew Rossi and Fr. Herman, joined a non-canonical jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church under Metropolitan Pangratios (Vrionis) of the Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis (Queens, NY). The name of the group was then changed to Christ the Saviour Brotherhood.
  • 2000 - Members of Christ the Saviour Brotherhood join three different jurisdictions in America. The men's and women's monasteries that came out of the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood and some parishes and missions were received by Bishop Jovan of the Diocese of Western America, and Bishop Longin of the New Gracanica Diocese, both of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Many parishes and missions have gone into the Orthodox Church in America under Archbishop Dimitri of Dallas, Bishop Job of Chicago, and Bishop Tikhon of San Francisco. Several other parishes and missions were received by Metropolitan Joseph of the Bulgarian Patriarchate [source: Again article].

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Holy Order of MANS


  • Bread Upon the Waters: A Pilgrimage Toward Self-Discovery and Spiritual Truth by Peter Reinhart (ISBN 0738204323)
  • The Odyssey of a New Religion: The Holy Order of Mans from New Age to Orthodoxy by Phillip Charles Lucas (ISBN 0253336120)