Holy Monastery of the Life-giving Fount (Poros, Greece)

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The old historical Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi of Poros is located 4km east of the main city of Poros island and is built on the slope of a pine forest.

It was founded in 1720 a.d. by the Archbishop of Athens Iakovos (Jacob) the 2nd, who, suffering from lithiasis, was miraculously cured, after drinking from the holy water springing near the Holy Monastery.

In 1733 a.d. the Patriarch of Constantinopolis Paisios the 2nd recognises it as a monastery under the Patriarch's jurisdiction. The act gives it a lot of privileges.

Later on, in 1798 a.d., Patriarch Grigorios (Gregory) the 5th, with a sigillion (officially sealed document), which is safely kept in the quest quarters (Archondariki) of the Holy Monastery, ratifies the Patriarch Paisios's the 2nd document, related to the privileges of the Monastery.[1]