Holy Cross Orthodox Monastery (Toronto, Ontario)

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Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

As of March 1st, 2007, we are initiating the start of our Monastery in Toronto. We are using an Anglican/Episcopalian Rectory in a quiet residential area until the day, God willing, we can establish ourselves in the countryside outside of Toronto. At the time being, the only monk is Hieromonk Nicolas. We may very well try to get some monks from Romania to join Archimandrite Nicolas. We want our Monastery to be a "House of prayer for all nations" and therefore, even though English is the primary language in our services, with some Romanian, these are not exclusive.

We pray the Lord will send us pious men who desire to serve the Lord within the Angelic/Monastic way of life.

Please visit our website for more information about us: http://www.holycrossorthodoxmonastery.com

Our address: 12 Blackstone St., Toronto, Ontario, M6L 3B7

Telephone: (647) 436-9786

May our dear Lord and Savior bless you and keep you!