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'''Holy Apostles Convent''' is a [[monasticism|monastic]] community for women located in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The [[convent]] is part of the [[Genuine Orthodox Church of America]], an independent [[Old Calendarists|Old Calendarist]] group which recognizes the Orthodoxy of only itself and the [[Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece (Lamian Synod)|Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece]], with which it is in communion.
Holy Apostles Convent was founded in 1986 by then-Archimandrite Gregory of Dormition [[Skete]] and Mother Mariam. The convent, near Trout Creek, is located in San Isabel National Forest.
The convent is under the [[jurisdiction]] of the Genuine Orthodox Church of America, which uses the [[Julian Calendar]]. Services are in Greek and English, using traditional Byzantine [[chant]]. Holy Apostles Convent is engaged in translating Greek texts of the lives of the [[saint]]s, [[Scripture]]s, and homilies into English and publishing them. [[Icon]] painting is also pursued in the Byzantine style, which includes hand-painted icons and large fresco-style paintings on canvas.
==External link==
*[http://www.holyapostlesconvent.org/hac-history.shtml Holy Apostles Official Website]
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