Hilarion (Rogalevsky) of Chernigov

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His Eminence Archbishop Hilarion (Rogalevsky) of Chernigov was a bishop of the Church of Russia during the eighteenth century. He served as archbishop of the Diocese of Kazan from 1732 to 1735 before being transferred to the Eparchy of Chernigov where he served until 1742.


Little is known of the early life of Abp. Hilarion. He studied at the Kiev Theological Academy before entering the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow, Russia. While there he was raised to the dignity of archimandrite. In 1832, he was consecrated to the episcopate and enthroned as Archbishop of Kazan.

During his tenure in Kazan, Abp. Hilarion actively supported theological education. He transformed the Slavonic-Latin school, that was founded in 1723 to educate the children of clergy, into a seminary and moved it to facilities at the Zilantov Monastery, now the Holy Dormition Convent on Zilant Hill. Later, the Kazan Seminary was moved into its own building that Abp. Hilarion had built.

In 1735, the Holy Synod transferred Abp. Hilarion to the Eparchy of Chernigov from which position he retired in 1742. Abp. Hilarion reposed in 1750 and was buried in Tver.

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Hilarion (Rogalevsky) of Chernigov
Preceded by:
Sylvester (Holmsky)
Archbishop of Kazan
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Gabriel I (Russkoy)
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Archbishop of Chernigov
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