Hierotheus II of Alexandria

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Hierotheus II of Alexandria, also Ierotheos II of Alexandria, was the Patriarch of Alexandria of the Church of Alexandria from 1847 to 1858.


Little is known of the early life of Patr. Hierotheus. He was elected to the Patriarchal throne of Alexandria after the troubled years of the reign of Patr. Artemius ended with his resignation. Patr. Hierotheus continued the work of modernizing the patriarchate begun by his predecessors. He consecrated a number of new bishops, some of whom served as Exarchs, including Nikanor of the Thebaid in Russia and Callistratus of Libya in Romania. He strengthened the spiritual development of the clergy of the patriarchate.

In 1847, he began the construction of the Church of the Annunciation of the Theotokos in Alexandria which was consecrated in 1856. He also founded the Hellenic Girls’ School in the city. He participated in a number of synods that were concerned with settling ongoing ecclesiastical issues among which was the Synod of Constantinople in 1850 that granted canonical autocephaly to the Church of Greece.

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Hierotheus II of Alexandria
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Patriarch of Alexandria
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Callinicus (Kyparissis)
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