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The '''Hieratikon''' (also spelled ''Ieratikon'', also known as the ''Hierotelestikon'' and the ''Liturgikon''; Slavonic: '''''Sluzhebnik'''''), the "book of the priest," contains the priest's prayers for [[Vespers]], [[Orthros]], and [[Divine Liturgy|Divine Liturgies]] of St. [[John Chrysostom]], St. [[Basil the Great]], and the [[Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts]].  These texts usually also include additional sections, such as a the [[Dismissal]]s for various days of the week and for [[Great Feasts]], [[Prokeimenon|Prokeimena]], the [[Menologion]], [[Megalynarion|Magnifications]] (Slavonic: ''Velichaniye'') for feast days, and instructional material which explains what clergy should do in the case of various unexpected occurrences in the services.
== Sources ==
*[http://www.holytrinitymission.org/books/english/liturgics_averky_e.htm#_Toc104768016 Liturgics, by Archbishop Averky]
== External links==
*[http://www.saintjonah.org/services/sluzhebniks.htm Priest's Service Books for the Liturgy]
*[http://www.sspeterpaul.org/priest.html Archbishop Dimitri's Priests Service Book]
*[http://www.orthlib.info/Sluzhebnik/Sluzhebnik.html Slavonic Sluzhebnik]

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