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== Links ==
== Links ==
* [http://www.ortho-rus.ru/cgi-bin/ps_file.cgi?3_8684 Герман (Подмошенский)] на сайте «Русское православие»
* [http://www.ortho-rus.ru/cgi-bin/ps_file.cgi?3_8684 Герман (Подмошенский)] at site «Русское православие»

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Monk Herman (secular name Gleb Dmitriyevich Podmoshensky; 27 march 1934, Riga, Latvia) is monk of the Serbian orthodox church was the co-founder of the St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, and founding abbot of St. Herman of Alaska Monastery.

He is an author and coauthor of several books about St John Maximovitch. After many years serving as abbot of the monastery, he was suspended and defrocked by the ROCOR Synod of Bishops for disobedience, which returned him the status of monk.


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