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A stub is an article or section on OrthodoxWiki which is underdeveloped. It often consists of only one paragraph or sentence, a rough outline, or incomplete information. A stub is not simply an article or section that could use more material added to it (use the Incomplete tag for that). A stub is something that is inherently lacking and doesn't tell the reader the most basic information about the subject.

About Stubs

Finding and marking a stub

If you find a stub on OrthodoxWiki, you can either fix it by editing it to include more material or at least calling it to others' attention, marking it as a stub by including the {{stub}} tag in the article or section body.

When you put the {{stub}} tag in the article and save it, you'll see the following message included:

This article or section is a stub (i.e., in need of additional material). You can help OrthodoxWiki by expanding it.

Fixing a stub

You can fix a stub by editing it to include more thorough material, thus developing it to a full-fledged article. If you fix a stub (and thus bring it into the realm of non-stubness), please be sure to remove the {{stub}} tag.

Links-only articles

An article which consists only of a set of links may qualify as a stub, but it more likely simply needs to be included in the appropriate category by including [[Category:Links]] at the bottom of the article text.

Finding Stubs

A list of stubs can be found at Category:Stubs.