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Help:Keyboard shortcuts

The MediaWiki software employs a series of keyboard shortcuts in order to enable users to perform most of the common editing operations without using alternate input devices (i.e. by only using the keyboard).

This article documents the default (English) shortcuts, and also tries to suggest a workflow for the localized Wikipedias in the pursuit for more appropriate, intuitive shortcuts for their users. Hold [alt] (or [control] on a Mac), then select the shortcut.

Default Shortcuts

This is the list of default shortcuts. The first column should be self-explanatory in most situations. If you find that it isn't, please feel free to edit this section for future users.

accesskey-addsection	+
accesskey-anontalk	n
accesskey-anonuserpage	.
accesskey-article	a
accesskey-compareselectedversions	v
accesskey-contributions	?
accesskey-currentevents	?
accesskey-delete	d
accesskey-edit	e
accesskey-emailuser	?
accesskey-help	?
accesskey-history	h
accesskey-login	o
accesskey-logout	o
accesskey-mainpage	z
accesskey-minoredit	i
accesskey-move	m
accesskey-mycontris	y
accesskey-mytalk	n
accesskey-portal	?
accesskey-preferences	?
accesskey-preview	p
accesskey-protect	=
accesskey-randompage	x
accesskey-recentchanges	r
accesskey-recentchangeslinked	c
accesskey-save	s
accesskey-search	f
accesskey-sitesupport	?
accesskey-specialpage	?
accesskey-specialpages	q
accesskey-talk	t
accesskey-undelete	d
accesskey-unwatch	w
accesskey-upload	u
accesskey-userpage	.
accesskey-viewsource	e
accesskey-watch	w
accesskey-watchlist	l
accesskey-whatlinkshere	b

The list above is targeted at International/English users, therefore it's ordered by the name of the function, not by the key.

The site's global access keys are in corresponding JavaScript for the skins. For example, the keys for Monobook are in the (protected) page MediaWiki:Monobook.js. Details about how to change your accesskey (and keyboard shortcuts in general) can be found at meta:Help:User_style.

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